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Engraved Palo Santo with Tumble Crystal/Gemstone

Engraved Palo Santo with Tumble Crystal/Gemstone

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Our Palo Santo comes engraved with a positive quote or affirmation, helping to anchor and ground your experience, creating a deeper sense of connection to yourself and the present moment.

Palo Santo or "Holy Wood '' has been used for thousands of years as an energy cleanser due to its naturally high resin content, it is known for purifying both people and spaces, bringing a boost of purified energy. Its smell is described as a subtle, sweet and woody scent with hints of pine, mint and citrus.

Tumble stones are added to our Palo Santo as a simple way to incorporate crystal energy into your daily rituals with the intention of strengthening your spiritual practice and connection.

The soothing energy of tumbled stones emanates from their polished, smooth surfaces, while the calming aroma of Palo Santo helps to reduce stress and create a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for meditation and enhancing creativity.

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