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Kit Fresh Beginnings Engraved

Kit Fresh Beginnings Engraved

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We want to enrich your spiritual experience, having that in mind the Palo Santo is engraved with a positive quote/affirmation to facilitate setting your intention.

Every moment is a fresh beginning.  This Kit invites the good in every step of your life.

We want to accompany you in all your beginnings, making them special. It can be something as simple as starting your day or a major change, like moving to a new place, beginning a new job or starting a new relationship. 

Sage helps clear out bad energy holding you back from growth. While Palo Santo brings back good energy and promotes positivity. 

For those embarking on a spiritual journey this Kit is an introduction to the healing attributes of the metaphysical world. 

This Kit Includes

  • 4” Sage of Variety type 
  • 1 Engraved Palo Santo stick with Tumble Crystal/Gemstone
  • Spiritual Start Guide 

Each sage bundle measures about 4-4.5 inches (10-12cm). 

*Colors may vary*

Each piece of sage has its own benefits and properties:

  • White Sage: Clears negative energies • Raises Vibrations • Fresh Beginnings
  • Lavender Sage: Increases Clairvoyance • Psychic Protection • Tranquility
  • Rainbow Sage: Purify energy • Bring positiveness 
  • Seven Chakra: Increases health & Vitality • Aligns Chakras • Positive Intentions
  • Blue Sage: Cleanses & Protects • Brings Wealth  • Heals Illness 
  • Rosemary: Protects Against Psychic Attacks • Mental Clarity • Purifies Vibration
  • Black Sage: Encourage Dreams  & Visions • Protection • Cleanses Atmosphere
  • Yerba Santa: Purification & Growth • Heals Emotional Pain • Empowerment 
  • Juniper: Protection from Negative Energy • Promotes Healing • Invites Abundance
  • Desert Sage: Purification & Protection • Wisdom • Increases Inner Strength 
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